TV Pilot: Forbidden Fruit by Timothy Lasiter

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73f4088a41 posterThis is a story of a Detective named Andrew. He is on a case where a business mogul dies of suspicious circumstances. He encounters a sexy suspect named Dominance. She is soul seeking killer with a lust for blood.

Writer Biography – Timothy Lasiter

40d453476b headshot

Writers Guild of America Certified # 1314066

1. Logline
The “Up All Night” series is a project that has 13 stories that are based on science fiction. The genres range from pure science fiction to horror stories.

2. Stories and Characters
Cadillac Cabin- This is a story of a man named Phil that takes a well needed vacation to a haunted cabin in Cadillac Michigan. When he arrives, he finds creatures that are out to kill him.
Reflection- A 12-year-old girl named Taylor has an evil twin that lives in a mirror in her room. This doppelganger comes…

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