Happy Birthday: Brittany Murphy (1977–2009)

WILDsound Festival

brittanymurphy.jpgBrittany Murphy (1977–2009)

Born: November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Died: December 20, 2009 (age 32) in Los Angeles, California, USA

I think to call my mom and I best friends is almost an insult to our relationship. She’s the greatest in the whole wide world, and I don’t feel closer to anyone. She’s a pillar of strength, and she doesn’t flaunt it. She has this will – she just knows she can get through things. It’s inspiring.

I’m a giver. I have learned to be selective of the people in my world, because if I love someone, I will give them my blood, whatever they need. In doing so, one can end up with little left for themselves. It’s a lesson in self-preservation that I’m still learning. If you don’t have yourself, you have nothing to give.

dir. by Amy Heckerling
Alicia Silverstone
Paul Rudd

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