Film Review: OUTLAW KING (UK 2018) ***

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Outlaw King Poster


David Mackenzie


Bathsheba Doran (screenplay by) (as Bash Doran), David Mackenzie (screenplay by)| 3 more credits »

OUTLAW KING, a lighter version of BRAVEHEART chosen to open this year’s Toronto 

International Film Festival is also known to be a Netflix original movie.  Netflix has come a long way at producing movies and can now be known for some good solid cinema.

OUTLAW KING, based historical events takes place after BRAVEHEART, though the story of the war between the English and the Scots never ends.  Few dramatized segments like the reunion of King and kidnapped queen on a deserted Scots beach help spice the movie.

MacKenzie has mounted a handsome production at a cost of $120 million, quite different from his last entry an American heist film that also starred Pine.  Here in OTULAW…

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