Happy Birthday: Lorne Michaels

WILDsound Festival

lornemichaels.jpgLorne Michaels

Born: November 17, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Married to: Alice Barry (1991 – present) (3 children)
Susan Forristal (13 September 1981 – 1987) (divorced)
Rosie Shuster (5 October 1971 – 1980) (divorced)

[observation on his career, 2015] To use a tennis metaphor, after a certain point you can’t keep charging the net, and you fall back to the lob game. But you can still win.I think I care just as much as I did at the beginning, and I think – at lots of levels – I’m better at it now. You learn to trust signs that something isn’t going to work earlier than you used to, or that this person is talking nonsense earlier than you used to, and you’re confident enough to to say, “We’ve got it. Let’s move on”.


Voted #1 TV Contest in North…

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