Read Poem: Dream Catcher by SWETA

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Behind the curtain of rain,
I could see a boy, walking up to me
And sound of the rain was silenced
As he held me, like a destiny.

His eyes were trying to see through
I closed mine in bliss
My lips opened in awe
Were just then closed in a kiss.

I woke up in the middle of a night
I found you, staying, with my mind.
How silly it seems when I start smiling
In the dreams of you, utterly wild.

An hour before it nulled,
and rejected to breathe again
the delight that choked this heart
Turned it a bit insane.

It’s not fair to steal my time
and my dreams that has you.
It is like a pleasant robbery
that has my consent and hands too.

I go back, in the slumber again
To sink into the dreams of you
In the morn with the drowsy…

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