Happy Birthday: Terry Gilliam

WILDsound Festival

terrygilliam.jpgTerry Gilliam

Born: November 22, 1940 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Married to: Maggie Weston (1973 – present) (3 children)

He and John Cleese are the only members of ‘Monty Python’ to be nominated for Oscars. Coincidentally, they were both for Best Original Screenplay, Gilliam for Brazil (1985) and Cleese for A Fish Called Wanda (1988). Both screenplays did not win their Oscars, and both films featured Michael Palin.

“My main concern is to protect the film, and sometimes even I can get in the way of the film. If I’m causing a problem for the ultimate film, then I’ve got to be stopped, and I tell this to everybody who works with me. They find it hard to believe, but they finally do say, ‘Terry, you can’t do it.’

And Now For Something Completely Different
dir. Ian MacNaughton
MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAILMonty Python and the Holy Grail
dir. Gilliam
Terry Jones

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