Read Poem: MEMORY LANE by Tiffany Saxon

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At some point in one’s life; they seem to want to hide their past.
Burying all the lies and secret; and finally letting go….
Until one day
They wake up, and must come; face to face with the Memory Lane;
That taunts them and keeps reminding them by saying….
I’m here and you haven’t seen the last.
For I am Memory Lane
The game change,
Crying Game, and the nightmare;
That continues to give you grief and pain.
I am Memory Lane!
The memory that never sleeps
Keeps all the nightmares that;
You seemed to have hid… By being discrete.
That’s so sweet! But I’m not here for peace.
I’m here to drive you insane
By bringing back those faces…
That one’s that once had a life; with a name.
For I am the deck of cards called “MEMORY LANE”.

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