Happy Birthday: Sharlto Copley

WILDsound Festival

sharltocopley.jpgSharlto Copley

Born: November 27, 1973 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Married to: Tanit Phoenix Copley (15 February 2016 – present)

[How he got into ‘Maleficent’] It came through my agents, and my agents gave me the script and said, “This is something going around town. A lot of people are going after it. You’re probably not going to get in there.” I was like, “Look, I really would love to do this.” I went after it quite aggressively, in the sense of doing a tape. Actually, if I remember correctly, there was a delay because they thought it was going to someone else, but they were not sure. And then, as soon as they said, “We might be able to get your tape in there,” I did it and they sent it.

dir. Neill Blomkamp
Matt Damon
Jodie Foster
dir. Robert Stromberg
Angelina Jolie

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