Happy Birthday: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

WILDsound Festival

maryelizabethwinstead.jpgMary Elizabeth Winstead

Born: November 28, 1984 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA

Married to: Riley Stearns (9 October 2010 – present)

It seems like when women are kicking ass it’s because we have some superpower. What’s so great about Ripley, from Alien (1979), is that she’s just a kick-ass woman. For younger women like myself growing up in the 1980s, to see something like that was really empowering so I really want to find roles like that for that same reason, so that other girls will be able to say, “Wow, she is a totally relatable woman who’s able to be strong and kick butt.”

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
dir. Edgar Wright
Michael Cera
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
LIVE FREE OR DIE HARDLive Free of Die Hard
dir. Len Wiseman
Justin Long
Pulp Fiction
dir. Tarantino
John Travolta
Samuel L. Jackson
dir. Matthijs van Heijningen…

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