Happy Birthday: Anna Faris

WILDsound Festival

annafaris.jpgAnna Faris

Born: November 29, 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Married to:
Chris Pratt (9 July 2009 – present) (1 child)
Ben Indra (3 June 2004 – 19 February 2008) (divorced)

They’ve [the Scary Movie series] given me a career but they’ve also sort of boxed me in. What really surprised me when I first moved here is that the industry thought of actors as either comedic or dramatic. And I’m still confused. I understand that maybe some people are better at one or the other, but I can’t understand why it’s so divided. I’ve been able to chip away at that a bit; I think it gets easier as my body of work expands.

LOST IN TRANSLATIONLost in Translation
dir. Sofia Coppola
Bill Murray
Scarlett Johansson
Yogi BearYogi Bear
dir. Eric Brevig
Dan Aykroyd
Justin Timberlake
ConstantineBrokeback Mountain
dir. Lee
Heath Ledger
Jake Gyllenhaal
Take Me Home TonightTAKE ME HOME…

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