Happy Birthday: Don Cheadle

WILDsound Festival

doncheadle.jpgDon Cheadle

Born: November 29, 1964 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Don’t do it if you could anything else do that and if you can be dissuaded by me saying that you shouldn’t be doing this anyway if you want to really go after it your chances of making it are very very poor if you’re a white male between the ages of twenty to four you got the best shot and after that it falls off the shelf that being said obviously it can be done and many people have done it and you don’t have to be good unfortunately and we see that too but you have to be tenacious and have a never say die attitude and with all the technology that’s out now you can make a movie for two grand you can put yourself out there and package yourself in the best light you see

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