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My skin
Feels stretched across my face
Like it’s slightly out of place
And I’m GONE!
But I’m always here.

This isn’t an essay
It’s more like grammatically incorrect hearsay
But fuck it,
Let’s break some rules.

I’m playing the HARLEQUIN
So laugh!
Jungian masks make me laugh
As this skin is slipping
Blood is dripping
From Il Dottore’s feet.

QUICK! Get an exorcist,
This kids possessed!
He’s running round in revolutions,
It’s a fucking mess!
Each one of his farts
Is a quote of Karl Marx

If you meet Max Stirner on the road,
Get out your knife and fork
Feast on his flesh

Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh.
I’m so bored of Gilgamesh.

Bored of the Fausts and the Dorian Greys.
Led like a firebrand in the dark,
Obsessed with possessing the possessed.
We get it!
Give it a rest!


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