Read Poem: We will breath again by Cati and Mike Gonzalez

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After the wind is gone, only the memories of it are left wandering adrift the surface, like one cast away in the middle of the sea hoping to be found.

If only I could hear the sound of it once again and embrace it, as it caresses my face making me feel complete; then complete I will be, and no longer should I have to yearn for your touch or seek you where you may be. Yes, the gift is given as a breath; a breath of fresh air filling up the emptiness left within, as my spirit clings to the thought of seeing you once more, feeling you once more, loving you once more, breathing you once more.

Drowning. I try to stay above the waters but my body fails me with out you present my dear love. The sun continues to sing it’s song and rejoices each morning…

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