Happy Birthday: Noam Chomsky

WILDsound Festival

noamchomsky.jpgNoam Chomsky

Born: December 7, 1928 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Married to: Carol Chomsky (24 December 1949 – 19 December 2008) (her death) (3 children)

The country was founded on the principle that the primary role of government is to protect property from the majority. And so it remains.

Going back years, I am absolutely certain that I’ve taken far more extreme positions on people who deny the Holocaust than you have. For example, you go back to my earliest articles and you will find that I say that even to enter into the arena of debate on the question of whether the Nazis carried out such atrocities is already to lose one’s humanity. So I don’t even think you ought to discuss the issue if you want my opinion. But if anybody wants to refute Faurisson there’s certainly no difficulty in doing so.

[from “Manufacturing Consent”] I do not…

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