Happy Birthday: David Carradine (1936–2009)

WILDsound Festival

davidcarradine.jpgDavid Carradine (1936–2009)

Born: December 8, 1936 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: June 3, 2009 (age 72) in Bangkok, Thailand

Married to:
Annie Carradine (26 December 2004 – 3 June 2009) (his death)
Marina Anderson (20 February 1998 – 12 December 2001) (divorced)
Gail Jensen (4 December 1988 – 26 January 1997) (divorced)
Linda Gilbert (2 February 1977 – 4 October 1983) (divorced) (1 child)
Donna Lee Becht (29 December 1960 – 21 December 1967) (divorced) (1 child)

[In 1992, on trying to break into Hollywood without relying on his father, (John Carradine)] It took me a long time to realize that he was having a hard time getting jobs himself. But I’m not sure he would have [helped] anyway–you were supposed to make it on your own.

[In 1992] I had a house in the Hollywood Hills that virtually every brother has lived in. It was like…

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