Happy Birthday: Kim Basinger

WILDsound Festival

kimbasinger.jpgKim Basinger

Born: December 8, 1953 in Athens, Georgia, USA

Married to:
Alec Baldwin (19 August 1993 – 3 February 2002) (divorced) (1 child)
Ron Snyder (12 October 1980 – 22 December 1989) (divorced)

[on her 1989 divorce from Ron Snyder] I wanted to end the marriage many years before that but didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t want to hurt him.

[on Sean Connery] I fantasize about riding an Arabian horse bareback with him along a sandy beach. We fall naked to the ground and, as the horse wanders off along the water’s edge, we make passionate love in the moonlight. It always leaves me hot and bothered — I just love the man.

[on kissing in the movies] There’s an absolute art to it. You have to think it’s as good as what’s coming later.

[on performing nude scenes] I thoroughly enjoy it, actually.


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