Best Scene Reading of Old Lady Dilemmas by Lora Ellen McKinney

WILDsound Festival

Best Scene from the screenplay OLD LADY DILEMMAS Screenplay
Written by Lora Ellen McKinney


NARRATOR – Meghan Allen
CAROLINA – Laura Kyswaty
EMMA – Kiran Friesen


Genre: Dramedy, Drama, Comedy

PILOT: O/L/D? (Old Lady Dilemmas)

It’s a beautiful New York day everywhere except in Emma’s stuck-together vagina.

Emma is a bi-racial bi-national (black Alabaman/white British), Julliard-trained award-winning classical music prodigy. She typically looks and feels half her 50 years. Her body, starting this morning, revolts in an age-appropriate and menopausal if unexpected way. This vaginal revolt interferes with her ability to practice piano, a fact that is especially vexing as she is working on a deadline for an upcoming international performance. She is also toying with composing a non-classical piece with racial overtones that may confuse and distance her classical music audience. Emma has lots to consider today and doesn’t much cotton to interruptions from her nether-regions…

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