Short Film Video Review: THROUGH CHINATOWN’S EYES. Directed by Penny Lee

29b096813c posterThe civil disturbances and street violence after the assassination of Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had a profound impact on all of DC. It had no less an impact on DC Chinatown, which found itself caught between the black and white struggle. Here’s a look at how the Chinatown community viewed that iconic moment of history.


Director Biography – Penny Lee

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Penny is a Producer, Director and Film/Video Editor. She started her career as a television editor and today, with more than 25 years of editing experience, she has completed many hours of production projects working on long and short form documentaries, feature films, reality television, promotional infomercials, and educational videos.

Lee’s television clients include Discovery Channel, National Geographic Television, TLC, Travel Channel, and HGTV to name a few. In addition to her editing projects, she produced, directed and edited the documentary short “Through Chinatown’s Eyes: April 1968” and was the senior editor for an independent feature narrative film called “A Year and Change”. Lee’s passion for storytelling continues to drive her to create content highlighting the immigrant experience in the United States, with a primary focus on the Chinese-American voice.

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