Happy Birthday: Taylor Hackford

WILDsound Festival

taylorhackford.jpgTaylor Hackford

Born: December 31, 1944 in Santa Barbara, California, USA

Married to: Helen Mirren (31 December 1997 – present)

Russell Crowe is very difficult, but it’s worth it. He’s the real thing. I can tell you this. Russell Crowe was just as difficult before he was an international star as he was afterwards.

In terms of input, I think that when the director gets involved, the script usually changes a bit. It’s written from a particular point of view, and the director’s the one to visualize it, interpret what the story is up on the screen. I just think that those people who say well, the script is incidental, its all my stamp and so forth, are full of baloney.

dir. Taylor Hackford
Jason Statham
Jennifer Lopez
dir. Taylor Hackford
Jessica Lange
Dennis Quaid

THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATEThe Devil’s Advocate
dir. Taylor Hackford

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