Read Poem: To My Daughter by Angie Diaz-Cervo

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To my daughter, you are a Princess and you will evolve into a Queen.

Be yourself.

“Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating you.”

The only person that can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams is you.

Never let somebody tell you that you can not do this or that. For example, if the person says “you can not buy this car”.

Love yourself a little bit more than you love your husband.

Do not let other people tell you who you are.

It is not about anybody else, you count.

The future is a print out of what you do today, therefore, do something today.

Make sure you have the money in the Italian culture the money they gave you at the wedding is yours to keep as her money and add a little amount to it every month. It is not to buy…

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