Read Poem: SHATTERED by Aaliyah Salia

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I am crying.
I am hurt.
I have hope,
but it’s not enough.
No one knows what I’m going through,
No one can understand why my heart is shattered.
Everyone is happy and supporting you,
and although I want to do the same,
I can’t bring myself to.
Why did you have to hurt me like this?
I loved you so much that the rumors are now burning me.
I still love you more than anything,
I just want us to meet and let you see the true beauty.
Seeing you with someone else is making me mad,
The moment I woke up, my SNS was filled with you and her.
My mind went blank,
As if I was falling into a deep, dark hole.
And my eyes stung so badly,
That in the end; after holding myself from breaking in front of everyone,
I ended up crying even more.

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