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I slid down the darkened path; heart screeching
Left crying yelling to God an ultimatum of me; fix me
Tired of failing and quoting sad songs by heart; God why happiness doesn’t rain down on me?
Roving through fucked up imagery of past times; trying to get past this time one more time.
Tried cursing and fucking with the chemicals in my mind to alleviate the burden of self burden; stopping myself each time except for this time no protection given unto self, this time.

No happy fills me, no love feels me; why can’t I feel me? I’m tired of not feeling me – the storm of softness to end this storm of me. Nothing relieves the pressure of me…..I bet it feels blissful being loved? Being together with love and holding love and breathing it. I bet it feels fucking great – and great feeling it. Tell me…

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