Read Poem: COFFEE HOUSE FAMILY by Jacqueline Nicoll

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East meets West
In a new coffee blend
Unified consumption
Through a temporary trend

Tap of his keyboard
Cup to mouth
Telephone meeting
All gone south

Friends exchange gossip
Sip through straws
Fuelled by sugar
Ignorant of cause

Absorbing great knowledge
From the iPad screen
A tired student’s eyes
Kept open with caffeine

Huddled in the corner
A secret affair
No one can find them
In their coffee lair

Down on his luck
Man finds peace
In the company of strangers
His temporary release

Crying babe in arms
Mother finds respite
Searching the web
For a ‘new mums’ site

Couple in love
Share a flat white
Only eyes for each other
And their inner light

Poet’s word flow
Onto the pad
Observing the complex web
Woven with good and bad

Old ladies chatter
Over coffee and cake
Mellowed through experience
The best of life they make

Eyes to the floor

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