Short Script: AWRY PREROGATIVE by Ricky Sylvester

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6ff0cd53de posterCharmed by her innocent looks and let off drug charges due to her (DEA Father). (Awry) A rebel middle class college student phases on the urban culture lifestyle and easily dodges the consequences that comes with the life. The adorable kingpin smuggles DEA evidence into her book bag while interning at her father’s department.

The Father blackmails her boyfriend (Rowe) by framing him with drugs the officer stole from the departments evidence room. The officer was under the impression that the young men he pulled over fit the description of the usual suspects. He figured they would know what to do with the product to turn him profit.

The father and daughter both unaware of the other’s simultaneous criminal actions. Continuing her deceptive behavior, she keeps her boyfriend incognito from her father. Her father’s oppressing sparks an optimistic activist in her boyfriend. The female kingpin remains oblivious to her lovers…

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