Read Poem: SUNRISE by Natasha Turner

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We rise like her with full hopes and faith,
high-spirited to challenge whatever is at stake;
Aware of our greatness and every past mistake,
feeling strong, all powerful to deal with the day
enduring and heaving all life’s bales of hay.

But even the almighty sun has her gloomy days,
as when dark clouds sabotage her luminous rays.
Even the powerful sun cries silently in the rain;
In every tear drop lies a hidden pain.
Even the sun needs to reflect and withdraws;
Respecting and embracing all Nature’s laws.
Even the sun watches storms pass by
because there’s time to glow and there’s time to cry ;
but early in the morning she rises again
as if untouched by the hurdles of the previous day ;
she rises beautifully, powerful and in all light
because she has love, warmth and wisdom in her heart.
No clouds, no rain, no storm…

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