Read Poem: The Shadow of The Bat by Laurence Lagrue

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Make sure your doors are locked up tight
Shut out this dark and stormy night.
Here is a tale as yet untold;
One that will make your blood run cold.

You may recall, a little while back
My mother-in-law suffered a bat attack.
This briefly caused her to behave quite oddly,
But left no lasting damage bodily.

At least that is what we had assumed
For over us a new shadow loomed.
From the previous horror it was begat
A malevolent shadow of the bat!

Originally mother-in-law’s left hand was bit
And though she said she’d got over it,
The ‘badness’ to her right arm had jumped
Because it ached severely like she’d been thumped.

This aching steadily grew and spread.
“Oh it’s right miserable”, she often said.
I suggested a doctor’s visit if she was ill
But she just said, “I’ll take some pills”

Then on Halloween night we…

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