Short Film: ADORINE, 4min., Cyprus, Music

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

3829bae622 poster


You wanna laugh in my face?
Cause when you do so
It’s in the mirror you see
You wanna crash at my place?
I have all the room that you need babe

Cause I can handle it now
You’ve shown me the strangest of ways
You never ask how I’ve been
Trust me I’ve had better days

You did it your way
Wore that theme again
You’d still act the same
No matter the stakes
Made sure to go
With all of your notes
Taken, written down
Said my piece

That sense of danger that lingers still
Won’t let you sleep alone
Won’t let you breathe in
Sipped fast from the coffee mug
With a scorn in your stare
How can I ever forget?
That you were standing there

Every small indiscretion
And madness has been
Eating you inside
The rage in your eyes was devised
Was devised

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