Happy Birthday: Charles Nelson Reilly (1931–2007)

WILDsound Festival

charlesnelsonreilly.jpgCharles Nelson Reilly (1931–2007)

Born: January 13, 1931 in The Bronx, New York, USA
Died: May 25, 2007 (age 76) in Los Angeles, California, USA

When I die, it’s going to read, “Game Show Fixture Passes Away”. Nothing about the theater, or Tony Awards, or Emmys. But it doesn’t bother me.

You can’t do anything else once you do game shows. You have no career.

While semi-retired and living in Beverly Hills, Charles occasionally directed opera, taught, and voiced cartoons (most recently “The Dirty Bubble” on SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)). The filmed version of his autobiographical one man play “The Life of Reilly” (The Life of Reilly (2006)) premiered at the South By Southwest film festival in March of 2006 to rave reviews. [May 2006]


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