Happy Birthday: Rob Zombie

WILDsound Festival

robzombie.jpgRob Zombie

Born: January 12, 1965 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA

Married to: Sheri Moon Zombie (31 October 2002 – present)

[when interviewed by MTV on his remake of Halloween (1978)] Well I didn’t want it to be, “You know, [Michael Myers] just happened to rob a hardware store and steal that mask”. What if they didn’t have that mask? What would he steal, a Jimmy Carter mask? Or an Elmo mask, if that was the only one available at the hardware store? And when did he rob the hardware store? In broad daylight? And the alarm is still ringing? I mean, where is everybody? Those little things bothered me with [the original movie]. Thank God Loomis stopped to make that call exactly at that phone booth where he dropped the car off and found the Rabbit in Red matchbook. Those kind of coincidences always kind of bothered me. So I’m…

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