Read Poem: NAKED ME by Uvie Ann-marie Giwewhegbe

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Say something
Free my soul from within and let me break free
From those lost cuffs that you braced me
With one time that stole my life
That stole my world

Say something
Question the tension that pulls me to you
And makes me prisoner to those sweet moments that I will
Forget in time
Time takes it all, slow but sure
Still stings since you feel you own me

Pray do tell
Sing no song of freedom
For this love you have gingered
And masked to look like it was my ploy
To pull you in and make you useless
I did nothing; the power was all in your hands
You used me, you made me weak
Obsessed and lost without you

Pray do tell
All the lies that make you safe
As you watched the naked me
Fall on your knees

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