Next Wave Film Festival Review: LES METERORITES (France 2018) ***

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Meteorites Poster
Nina, 16, dream of adventure. In the meantime, she spends the summer between her village in the south of France and the amusement park where she works. Just before meeting Morad, Nina sees … See full summary »


Romain Laguna


Lucas Delangle (collaboration), Romain Laguna(screenplay) | 2 more credits »

This low budget French film set in the south of France follows the misadventures of teenage Nina.  Nina works at the local theme park.  She falls for Morad, brother of her co-worker who warns her against being dumped by him.  Nina hangs out with Morad, nevertheless.  The film follows the restlessness of youth as personified by Nina who gets in trouble at work for hitting kids.  Nina also smokes dope and has sex with Morad, with nudity provided uninhibitedly in the film’s…

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