Interview with Winning Screenwriter David Hearne (STARFARERS)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Matthew Toffolo: What is your screenplay about?

David Hearne: It mirrors real-world events, in particular the U.S. invasion of countries that have resources. It’s also about love, sacrifice, honour, conflict, lust and loss. It’s also character driven. I’ve included a synopsis for you below:

In the far-flung future, a conflicted space pilot will fulfil an ancient family prophecy and discover a plot to start an intergalactic war. Rather than stop the war, his enemy realises that with the right motivation, he can actually be the catalyst for it.

On the planet Callon, a group of peace-keepers led by Jarre encounter the Tharnian Empire. Jarre escapes after clashing with a tharnian named Rugor.

Back on Earth, Jarre is recalled to Callon. His ‘love’ Ganna is going too.

As they leave Earth, Jarre tells Ky, his friend obsessed with 80’s music, that his great grandfather took to the stars and never returned…

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