Short Screenplay: ELEPHANT GERALD, by Eileen Wilson

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Gerald loves to scat but faces wrath at the zoo. Will the animals beat him, or join him in music?

Writer Biography

7041ffc8c6 headshot

One of fifty authors for ‘Twisted 50 – Volume 2’ on Amazon now.
(Author of short story ‘Deviance’.)
Winner of Micro Short Script for August ’18, Berlin Flash Film Festival with ‘The Cliché’ to be live read at LAFFF Dec ’18.
Nominated for Best Short Screenplay for Genre Celebration Festival, Tokyo, Nov ’18.
Won Best Short Script for ‘Nicked’ at Bloodstained Indie Film Festival, Japan, December ’18.
Coronet Award for Queen Palm International Film Festival for feature ‘Once Bitten’, December ’18.

Writer Statement

Laugh and the World laughs with you. Die… then not so much.

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