ANIMATION Festival: HEARTLESS, by Adekunle Taofeek Adedokun

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9953b45d0c posterIn supreme court, FBI filed a fraud case against Harvey(53), a corrupt conglomerate billionaire who is accused of laundering billions for drug cartels via his bank. FBI had planted a mole in his BANK who exposes him. With overwhelming evidence destined to put him behind bars. However, defence Lawyer, Jackson(33) turns the case on its head with incredible tactics.
To FBI disappointment, Harvey is found not guilty, but he is fined and stripped of his bank. Harvey’s board members are extremely angry at Harvey’s corrupt leadership. Opportunistic Vice president Wesley propose they take a vote of no confidence against Harvey and install him as CEO. Harvey uses dirty strategies to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat during the Board Voting process.The genius billionaire now thinks himself as Invincible!
Harvey soon meet and threatens his DOCTOR, Richard(49). He loaned the doctor enormous cash for his new Hospital. Richard is under…

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