COMEDY Screenplay: HERO OF NECESSITY, by Demetrio Casile

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7d3249e574 posterSYNOPSI “HERO OF NECESSITY ” DI Demetrio Casile
Matteo who is thirty-five years old,italian by birth and american by adoption, is living a quiet life in New York with his young girlfriend Susan who is eight months pregnant.
11th September 2001
Matteo rushes to the airport; he needs to go to Italy pick up his old parents to then return with them to New York in order to organise the wedding.

He misses the Alitalia flight but manages to board with another company…but flight number five is hijacked by terrorists and never recovered….

On board, he finds himself beside an american couple.In her arms she holds an eight month old baby called Tommy.

Roaring….and silence….Matteo finds himself floating over the ocean and in the darkness of the night he can only hear a baby’s cries.They find themselves lying on the sand of an unknown territory.

From this moment on, Matteo…

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