TV PILOT: EMPATHY, by Margarita Andreeva & Anthony Giambertone

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“Dehumanizers, dehumanized.”

The show is a prime-time, half hour, crime mystery about the abuse survivors who strive to criminalize the lacking in empathy and rid the world of Cluster B and unsafe leaders, facing the rise of global narcissism and rape culture.

Pilot logline:
The Heart, the Brain and the Empath prey on the random narcissistic individuals to beta test the empathy activator.

(Mr. Robot meets Big Little Lies. They throw a party with Minority Report)


Writer Biography – Margarita Andreeva, Anthony Giambertone

Margarita Andreeva

Graduated from the Ural Federal University with a degree in management. Trauma-sensitive yoga classes teacher since 2018. Survivor. Mental health blogger.

Studied screenwriting through self-education, reading produced screenplays, pilots and episodes, and taking Shonda Rhimes’ and Aaron Sorkin’s workshops at MasterClass.

✩✩✩ To HBO guys at The HBOAccess Writing Fellowship:
Consider hiring Anthony Giambertone to write promo materials and reviews for Game of Thrones…

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