June 2019 – Interview with NEW Filmmakers from around the world.

Festival Reviews

9 interviews in total conducted by Matthew Toffolo:

Interview with Filmmaker Ciaran R. Maidwell (THERE’S STILL GOOD)

Interview with Filmmaker Adrian Ramirez Leon (ACCOMPLICE)
Interview with Filmmaker Adrian Ramirez Leon (ACCOMPLICE)

Interview with Filmmaker Robbie Lemieux (THE WOODS)

Interview with Filmmaker Jasper Bronkhorst (BLOODBURN)

Interview with Filmmaker Rachel Econ (WIDOW)

Interview with Filmmaker David Bradburn (BEFORE YOU WOKE)

Interview with Writer/Producer Rana Sowdaey (CAUGHT IN THE SPOKES)

Interview with Filmmakers Marlon Perrier & Keisha Richards Lafleur (THE TALK)

Interview with Filmmaker Michele Manzini (IN THE HOUSE OF MANTEGNA)

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