Film Review: WATERGATE PART 1 (USA 2019) ****

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Watergate Poster
Patient compendium drawing from 3400 hours of audio tapes, archival footage, declassified documents, et al, weaves a rich texture of understanding, particularly effective in flashbacks from…See full summary »

Just in time for the upcoming 2020 American elections comes a doc about the dirtiest  election tactics ever committed, which resulted in the resignation of the then President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon.

WATERGATE is directed by Academy Award Winner Charles Ferguson who won the Best Documentary Feature in 2011 for INSIDE JOB, an account of the American financial crisis.

WATERGATE parts 1 and 2 tell the full story of how President Richard Nixon and his White House staff committed the crime and were brought to justice.  New interviews with journalists, senior Nixon administration officials, members of congress, and prosecutors –…

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