Read Poem: never-ending sun, by Kristen Corbisiero

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Run away with me,

To a place where the things we worry about don’t matter,

Where the sun melts into the sky,

And the birds sing so beautifully we forget the sun never sets.

Stay here with me in the paradise of our own making,

Dancing and play in the sunflower field,

And we can laugh without worrying about the wrinkles around our eyes,

Blinded by the magnificent blooms.

The sun never sets,

So we never have to worry about the night and her stars,

Or wonder if the moon misses the sky,

Wonder is the stars truly do light up the sky,

Where are you stars…

Did the moon take you…?

She can’t. The sun never sets,

Eclipses anything, everything else,

Here we are, trapped in the paradises of a never-ending sun,

Dancing and spinning and laughing until we cry,

Never noticing the stars were hidden behind our eyes…

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