Top COMEDY Screenplays for July 2019

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Feature Script: MITZVAH CRASHERS, by Amy Axelson

Feature Script: MISSTER INTERLOCUTOR, by Natalie Frasier

Feature Script: A GOOD RUCKUS, by Ash Willeby

COMEDY Short Screenplay: The Emergence of Mahdi and Christ, by Mahdi Almasi

COMEDY Short Screenplay: FIELD MANEUVERS, by Jim Newman

COMEDY Feature Screenplay: The Redneck and The Robot, by Michael Miller

COMEDY Feature Screenplay: HONORARY MALE, by Amy Mäki

COMEDY Feature Screenplay: WOK & ROLL, by Paul Zeidman

COMEDY TV SHOW: One Year Later, by David Stebbeds

COMEDY TV Show: Rockstars Vs Zombies, by Andrew Ward

COMEDY Short Screenplay: FAMILY CRISIS LIVE-IN, by Anna Patterson

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