LGBT Festival Logline: Death by Cornbread, by Gina York

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1f3c5eae7e posterLogline: Bickering interlopers must put aside their differences and choose the lesser evil: evacuate their New York apartment to objectionable locations or face extermination by an assassin.

It’s post 2016 election at a carnival. We see a LAWYER and a JUDGE fighting on The Flying Dutchman. The lawyer brandishes a pen while the judge wields a golden gavel. Both stagger back and forth with their weapons of choice as the Dutchman whooshes and rocks full tilt. Bloodied and torn tickets swirl shapelessly about in the darkness.

A few minutes before dawn, sunlight casts three blurred shadows on what appears to be a 12’ x 12’ scrim: GRAND MÁS, the group’s elder, a self-deprecating trickster woman, TARDIS, a “water bear”, and JABBERWOCKY. They are all aware that an “X-MAN” has been sent to kill them.

Grand Más stands, removes her modified Steampunk goggles, yawns, and begins rapping:…

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