Read Poem: ENOUGH, by Mirain

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Let’s talk about the Swedish teen
Who’s been making headlines,
Appearing on screens
With Red Light warnings
About global warming
And the indifference of the masses.

Greta Thunberg –
With the might of an iceberg
She stands.
She’s stood alone and with many,
At home or abroad,
Stand does she
Broad with defiance,
A “don’t fuck with me” frown
The crown of this image
Of a sixteen year old making a stand
For her unborn grandchildren.

How chilling.
How absolutely mad
That the people deemed not old enough to vote
Have had to consider
The load of trash
We’ve put on their heads,
Had to protest lest we burn the world to ash
Or make everything in it dead.
Their children will likely never see the coral reefs,
With thanks to Great Grandpa Donald
Who simply loved his beef!
Literal kids can see the pain
That will rain down…

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