Read Poem: AN INSTANT DREAM, by Katharine Lovejoy Berman

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I knew I had dozed
I heard echoes of the voices
from an instant dream.
So many voices, a cacophony in my head.

He didn’t know I had dozed
No one did although it happened
several times that day.
He was still beside me, we were on the ship.

The speaker was still speaking
(I hadn’t even lost the thread
of what she was saying!).
I was still in this chair, in this place.

I knew the instant dream
had been as intense
as it was brief.
The voices faded away, back to the unconscious.

They knew they were being dragged
Back to their rightful place
in the invisible world they occupied.
They didn’t want to go, they longed to linger awhile.

I knew those voices
And wanted them to linger longer
And stay in their world awhile.
An alternate universe, an instant dream.

By Katharine Lovejoy Berman
copyright 8/18/2017

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