Interview with Screenwriter Jessi Thind (NANUQ)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Currently Head of Narrative on Dead by Daylight at Behaviour Interactive, Jessi Thind brings his passion for all things Hitchcock and Lovecraft as well as his unique world-building experience to the game’s universe, including the recently released Stranger Things Chapter that features the Demogorgon. Previously the Narrative Director on Arkham Knight and an undisclosed game at Warner Brothers, Jessi was also one of the visionary talents behind Guy Laliberte’s Unknown Nine. He writes stories and spec scripts in his spare time when he’s not playing laser tag with his children.

Matthew Toffolo: What is your original spec script about?

Jessi Thind: Nanuq is about a group of well-meaning environmentalists who are brutally attacked and tormented by a polar bear out to avenge the death of her cubs to poachers. The two main characters attempt to rescue polar bear cubs from a gang of poachers but are too late, and they…

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