Director Biography – Mitch Bax (DANCE WITH A DEMON)

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

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Mitch Bax is a sought after camera technician with intentions to carry his success into writing and directing.
He’s directed and produced several MuchFACT sponsored music videos, an award winning short film, and the stylized Docu-Mini Series The Art of Expression. His latest story, Sidekick, was recently turned into a successful viral short film staring Josh Dallas.

Outside of his passion for directing, he works as a Digital Imaging Technician for many high profile movies shot in Vancouver. From Deadpool and Star Trek, to Power Rangers and Robocop, he’s work along side many talented and passionate artists. Having helped these people bring their stories to life, with his penchant for technology he’s now focusing his attention on crafting his own stories by bringing together the talented crews of people he’s met over the years.

Director Statement

Making this film was a very personal undertaking of exploration on a topic that…

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