Director Biography – Rommel Villa (TEDDY MATE)

LGBT Toronto Film Festival

4810330520 headshot

Rommel Villa is a director, producer, and writer born and raised in Sucre, Bolivia. His interest in telling stories started when he was a kid, creating fictional stories about his family having superpowers and fighting poverty, drugs, and corruption. Former coordinator at PASCAR, where he interviewed victims of prostitution, cancer, human trafficking, and HIV/AIDS, Rommel wrote and directed award-winning plays inspired by society’s taboos and social issues. His notable work includes THE FRUIT AND THE TREE (2015) and THE PASSION OF CHRIST (2014), both of which won Best Play and Best Director at the Catechistic Dramatic Festival in Bolivia. After serving in the military for a year, Rommel went to college to study Systems Engineering. His interest for technology wasn’t as strong as storytelling, so after a semester of Art and Video Production studies in Chicago, IL, Rommel was admitted to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts’ MFA Production program.


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