Director Biography – Samir Bhamra (MADE ABOUT THE BOY)

LGBT Toronto Film Festival

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Samir Bhamra is a stage writer, director and producer. Some of his credits include the musical Bring on the Bollywood, Precious Bazaar, Cymbeline, A Perfect Ganesh

Director Statement

When Christopher Hitchens was asked if he believed in free will, he replied: ‘I have no choice.’”

This new millennium marked the dawn of a new era for the British LGBTQi+ community. Same sex couples can legally marry. Openly gay men and women are being accepted in all levels of society and they can even have children. Times are indeed changing and so, the attitudes within BAME communities must start to normalise. To achieve that, we knew, we had a choice. Our hearts have no choice other than to tell our story. At this critical juncture, inspiration hit when our own lives reveal a path.

When a young Asian doctor (who I had adopted as a younger brother) was getting married to…

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