Read Poem: BLUES, by Sheenam Eliza Kujur

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Flipping through the pages of my life,
Felt like walking on a sharp knife;
The more I walked, the more I wished for the walk to end,
A few things in life you can never mend.

Maybe rules are meant to be broken,
Not every individual in life is soft spoken;
Never ever make promises you can’t keep,
You never know, who, because of it would weep.

Often they, who are broken from within,
In later phase of life, develop a tougher skin;
And also they, who hide their emptiness inside,
Keep smiling, when in life, with them you collide.

Problems just keep adding themselves up one by one,
Even though you observe close, visible to you will be none;
Nothing in life is available to you at ease,
For it you are charged, a suitable kind of fees.

Not always can you get what you want,
Not everything you…

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