Read Poem: Veterans – Not Just For November, by Bill Clayton

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The medals glint on Whitehall
The Veterans glow with pride
The country’s politicians
Standing side by side

Rousing words are spoken
Solemn stories told
Politicians sing the praises
Of the old and oh so bold

But as these words all fade away
It seems it’s just another day
For every poppy lying by their feet
A veteran sleeps out on the street

TV crews have all gone home
Veterans now left all alone
Returning to a desperate fate
Help them now, don’t leave too late

For those who fought and gave their trust
The treatment given is so unjust
Those soldiers held in high esteem
Are being ignored, to an extreme

For those returning from the front
A new war is just beginning
For all those who came back to us
Inside their heads are spinning

A never ending torture
They live each and every day
The horrors they’ve seen

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