Read Poem: Who is to be Blamed?, by Robert Hillary

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Right from conception, I sensed my destination is in a nation
filled with corruption
Where leaders eat the cake of the nation
Leaving the masses in destitution
Am I to be blamed

I was birthed into this nation with no silver spoon,
I’d to sweep my compound with my hands and no broom
I’d to endure mockery from peers
just because I wore tattered shirts,
Mum and Dad tilled the soil
For my body engines to be fueled
Am I to be blamed?

They call it square meal
but I was fortunate enough to eat ones daily
gulping enough liquid for sustenance
I was subjected to want what I get
I was told Education is the key
but i see educated people living like shits
Yet I strive to get it
I studied for good grades, using all my resources
Now, they say good grades without grace is a zilch,

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